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Guilds are collections of like minded people who have sought to join forces. As a guild member you get a guild ring but no other special bonuses are awarded to guilds. Guilds can purchase guild halls and even build onto existing halls. They may also purchase and run shops with part of the sales going to their treasuries.

To join a guild locate one of the guild masters or council members of the guild you are interested in. Guild shields and logos may be emailed to Images should be 300x300 or larger.

To add a guild member list to your personal website you can use the following javascript code on your page (of course placing to correct guild name in the url instead of the Pet_Lovers by default):

Cabeiri Knights

The Cabeiri Knights are a group of veteran players who seek to share their in-game knowledge and experience with those who seek to acclimate themselves to the world of Merentha. Persons the Knights help include but are not limited to: true newbies, veteran players who start new characters, and older players who have been away from Merentha for an extended period and wish to be re-introduced to mudding. The Knights strive to "help others to help themselves," while scrupulously adhering to the laws of Merentha and expecting the same from those whom they aid. Since their founding in the heart of Cabeiri, the Knights have amassed increasing levels of prestige and power. Aside from their primary objective of helping players learn or re-learn Merentha, the Knights seek to increase in level and experience, to improve the overall stature of the guild and to foster camaraderie amongst themselves. Candidates for Knighthood are holistically evaluated by Lords Templar and Knight Protectors on the basis of personal integrity, in-game knowledge and dedication to the guild mission. All persons are welcome to join provided they demonstrate the requisite qualities. Cabeiri Knights: Now recruiting!

[Cabeiri Knights Web Page]

The guild is 46% full
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