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Classes in Merentha

There are currently 22 different player classes to chose from in Merentha. A class is your chosen profession (often called guilds on other MUDs) . When you begin Merentha you begin as an 18 year old child ready to enter the world. It is now, when you are in the game that you must choose a class. You don't have to decide right away though. You can play and even gain a few levels before you are required to join a class.


Clerics call upon the power of their respective Gods to advance their causes. In times of battle, clerics are the fighting arm of the Church. White Cleric - Members of the Holy Order of The White Cleric seek to save as many lives as they possibly can. In times of war where death is unavoidable, they collect the life-energies of the fallen and save them from dissipation. Drawing upon the powers of their god, the primary goal of the White Circle is to heal the sick and aid the oppressed. Black Cleric - The Black Circle of The Black Cleric deal with life energies as well; they gather the energy left behind by the slain to increase their own. Their mastery includes the domain of Death, and their powers are considerable. The Black Circle's ultimate plans are unknown. Grey Cleric - The Children of Shadow seem to command both Life and Death, and even less is known about them than the Black Circle. Also known as Lurkers, the Children seem to be involved in all the realm's affairs. However, no one has ever publicly claimed to be affiliated with this shadowy group. Perhaps the group does not truly exist...or the truth A list of cleric spells are available by using the 'spells' command.

Fighter Warrior Ranger Paladin Berserker Mercenary Antipaladin
Rogue Thief Bard Assassin
Monk Priest Healer Scholar Shaman
Mage Wizard Druid Healer Warlock Sorcerer Necromancer

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