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Come code with us
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Ok, so now you have edited your workroom and set some new descriptions.

You will go through a similar procedure for every room, monster, weapon and so on which you create. Don't worry, it will get much easier. And again I would like to remind you that until you start feeling a lot more comfortable with the editor I would suggest you open up notepad on your computer and write your programs in notepad then either cut and paste them into the editor, or FTP them to your file system. Again FTP info can be read online.

Ok, so now you have a workroom and if you update it (update) and it loaded fine you can now type look and see the changes you made. Notice the exit.

When you create a room you have to say where all the exits are and where they go to. Here are those lines again:

           "square" : "/domains/Praxis/square"
Now as you see, we set some exits, well only one in reality for now. The exit name is square and it takes you to the room /domains/Praxis/square.

Take some time to go into the /domains/Praxis/ directory and look around. There are a lot of files there, each one is a room, and each one links to others in the same way.

Lets now create a new exit from your workroom to someplace else. First though, we need to create a new room to link into. So do that, create a new room file. Use your current workroom as a base, and edit the short, long, smell, listen values. Just leave the exit value for now. Be sure to save the file as something other then workroom.c since that file already exists. Maybe call it new_room.c

Once you have that done it is time to link the rooms. Lets assume that these rooms link west and east. The west room is your old workroom and the east room is the new room.

So now we change the code in your workroom to this:

           "square" : "/domains/Praxis/square"
           "east" : "/realms/yourname/new_room.c"
Here is something quick to point out. Notice that the square room is /square and the new room is new_room.c the point to notice is that one has the .c the other doesn't. All files MUST be named .c but you do not NEED to put the .c in the filenames when you link them as rooms or clone them (as you will see in the next problem sets).

Ok, then we edit the code in new_room.c as follows:

           "west" : "/realms/yourname/workroom.c"
And then we update both rooms and we are done. We can now travel east and west through the rooms.

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