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The Return of Lloth
Many years ago, Lloth the spider godess of the drow-elves was banished by Solitaire, Heather and Torock, using the Staff of the damned, a powerful staff made to destroy Lloth. The staff created by the great godess Whisper. Mordecia, a foolish god infatuated with Lloth put his own counter spell upon the staff. Unable to reverse Whispers spell, he made it possible for Lloth to return and reclaim her immortality when the moons and planets alligned. The same staff that banishes her to the great void beyond, is also the one thing that can when she returns, grant her life in this world once more. The three, knowing this shattered the staff and hid the pieces in their perspective Kingdoms. Upon the last allignment of the planets, Lloth returned first in drow form. She sent out her minions of evil drows to search. The good people of Merentha along with the Old powerful prophet, were able to retrieve the pieces and recreate the staff. By this time Lloth had enough power to appear in her true spider form. To stop Lloth and her minions of spiders and undead drow she bought forth to help her regain her immortality. The staff was to help slay Lloth and banish her to the void she had emerged from. In an ugly twist of fate the drows of today stole the staff and gave it to Lloth assuring her existance and reign of terror... Cardania now sits under the evil watch of Lloth, stronger, meaner and more bitter then ever before.

The Updated list of future online events is:

Dates in italics are only approximate dates.
Quest names in italics are not yet scripted.
Past Events List
The Quest of Hope
The Quest for Destiny
The City of Jewel
The Orc Invasion
The Battle for Lanerell
The Kingdom Battle Royal
The 1st Olympics
The 2nd Olympics
The 3rd Olympics
Morgoth Returns
The Asmar Invasion
The Asmar Rebels
The Artifacts of Protection
The Tsfaru
The Necromancer's 1st
The Necromancer's 2nd
The Necromancer's 3rd
The Sunken Council
The Sunken Invasion
The Sunken Invasion II
Where is Santa?
Rainbows Last Forever
The 3 Ghosts and Scrooge
The Battle for Who-Ville
The Master Vampire
The Headless Horseman
The Pumpkin King
The Queen of Hearts
Petrarch's Birthday

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