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Guilds are collections of like minded people who have sought to join forces. As a guild member you get a guild ring but no other special bonuses are awarded to guilds. Guilds can purchase guild halls and even build onto existing halls. They may also purchase and run shops with part of the sales going to their treasuries.

To join a guild locate one of the guild masters or council members of the guild you are interested in. Guild shields and logos may be emailed to Images should be 300x300 or larger.

To add a guild member list to your personal website you can use the following javascript code on your page (of course placing to correct guild name in the url instead of the Pet_Lovers by default):

Orbis Arcani

Orbis Arcani is an ancient guild dedicated to discovering knowledge. The scholastic members will seek out knowledge wherever it may be found, no matter the danger. They specialise in the knowledge of the monsters of the realms - their habits, their equipment and their weak points. They are loath to reveal any of the knowledge they discover to outsiders, preferring only to share it among the members, however, for great price you may sometimes be able to coax the lesser secrets from them. There are strict rules within the guild, though - if certain information is divulged, the responsible member shall immediately be banished from the guild.

The guild is 7% full
Guild Masters Council Members Initiates

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