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After the great disaster which destroyed Atheria, and after the continent rebuilt, many expeditions were sent out around the world. The first continent to be discovered was Cardania. On this land no great disaster had struck and life was quite different.

Cardania was ruled by Kingdoms. Kingdoms were collections of people ruled by one ruler. As time went on the citizens of Atheria were allowed to join the Kingdoms. Now anyone may rule, if they have the support of the people.

There are currently 5 Kingdoms which one may choose to join, or you may even choose not to join any.

The first Kingdom was actually first ruled by a Queen. The Queendom of Xenora was built in a volcano and many hidden caverns still remain undiscovered in the old mines and caves of the area. Heather was the first ruler of this Kingdom.

The opposite of Xenora is Hiemelia. This Kingdom was built and ruled by Torock in the northern mountains. The Kingdom is forever covered in snow and ice. Rumours of a lost civilization grow from time to time, made up of the snow giants and trolls who were banished from the Kingdom many generations before.

The Queendom of Jewels is located near that of Xenora. Legend has it the first ruler, Solitaire, built the city with the help of a dragon who still lives in the mountains around her. Living in the mountains the dragon knew of all the gem deposits which gave the Queendom her riches.

The last two Kingdoms are those of the Drow and the Artrell. Both Queendoms of races. Both mysterious and with their own mysteries and only allowing their own kind to join.

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