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The Kingdom of Xenora

In the shadow of a volcano overlooking the jungle of Lanerall. You will find the Kingdom of Xenora. On the climb to our fair city is you may find platinum, gold and silver nuggets. On the bottom slope of the mountain you can find the mine of Xenora, which is mined by the industrious gnomes, who live in and near the city itself. It is rumored that there is a secret passage to the palace, of which only the miners know. The palace is built as close to the top of the volcano as possible. But before the palace the City square should be mentioned because in it resides a statue of the queen, Heather. In the palace on the way to the throne room the walls shine as if just polished, and the carpet is cleaned daily to ensure the deep green never fades. The throne of the ruler is a massive onyx chair covered in gold inlays of kingly conquests. For comfort a large zebra pelt is draped across the chair.

Then there are the armed forces composed of the strongest and most brave of the population. First the army composing the bulk of Xenora’s fighting force lead by the great General. The army is large and well trained by the not only their commanders but by the harsh environment of the Volcano. Then there’s the Navy lead by another, composed of only the finest officers. With fastest ships and the most highly trained magi who have mastered the fine art of gating. The army of Xenora is made of experienced battle harden warriors due to our conflict with the Drow nation.

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