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Year 1, Nov. 21, 1998

Here we are, 1 year old, lots has changed in the past year. here is my review, as I remember the past year as Petrarch.

Nov 21, 1997: 
         o Started service with Mudservices for hosting Merentha.
         o Tried for 4 hours to get Merentha up, no success, went to work.

Nov 22, 1997: 
         o Came home and noticed I was telneting to the wrong port,
              Merentha up and running, send tell to suzy@shadowmud
              "Guess what?"
         o Send mail out to players that we are back.
         o Merentha has 2 players and is about 2000 rooms big.

Dec 24, 1997:
         o X-mas quest.  Santa is kidnapped by unionized raindeer
              and you have to find and save him.  After spending
              2 hours searching every room in southern Merentha the
              players try the north pole.

March 26, 1998:
         o Hard drive failure on Diggity, our server.  All player
              lost.  Everyone is a newbie.
         o Merentha hits record of 16 players.

May 28, 1998:
         o Merentha moved to a machine with more memory and faster.
         o Merentha breaks it all time player record with 20 players.

July, 1998:
         o Merentha ranked in top 20 on all MudConnector lists.
         o Merentha hits 25 players.
         o Stat potion given as reward.

Sept, 1998:
         o Merentha hits 30 people.
         o Admins wonder where all these players came from.
         o Admins dest some, then we have 32.  Mud-Math.

Oct 31, 1998:
         o Halloween quest:
              After dozens of requests by players for a bag that can
              hold food one is created and given to the trick or treaters
              in the halloween quest.  But noone noticed.

Nov 1, 1998:
         o We hit top 10 on The Mud Journal list.

Nov 28, 1998:
         o Today
             - record of 43 players
             - 12,000 rooms
             - 130+ spells and skills

Areas added in the past year....

Atheria Forest            Atheria Farms              Atheria Desert
Dragon's Cove             Cloud Land                 DeathSpiral Mountains
Drow Kingdom              Astral and Fire Planes     Ithica
The 10 Isles              Mystic Forest + Area       Orc Caves
Jeweled Queendom (Forest, Mountains, City)

Mudlib additions from the past year....

Dragons                   Games                      Kingdom Houses
Ocean Daemon              Pets                       Player Houses
Sky Daemon

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