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Year 2, Nov. 21, 1999

We are now 2 years old. Two years ago we came online and a new MUD was born. Here are my views, and a few peeks behind the scene of the past year.

December, 1998:
	o We are hitting 30 people dayly.  Ocassionally we get to 40.
	o It is assumed a lot of out players have come from ShadowMUD
          which had crashed several months earlier.  Devel is opened
          and the Shadow players return home, both of them.
        o On the 15th we leave Mudservices, which are possibly one of
          worst places to purchase services from and go with Intermag
          who give us more resources for less money.
	o Christmas Quest - Must find the 3 Christmas Ghosts and bring
          them to scrooge.  Someone eats the Christmas turkey.

January, 1999:
	o We are getting up to 40+ players each day.  There comes a time
          when you must wonder what is next, what is there to do.  There
          comes a time when there are too many players in the game and 
          changes cannot be made without a great distubance.  There comes
          a time when your MUD is no longer yours and become the players.

          I was to leave Merentha on the 1st in the hands of Jewel, Feyr
          and Lexander, but Lexander lost his internet access and vanished 
          and Feyr went off to school, so I stayed.

February, 1999:
	o ShadowMUD reopens.  We now wait to see what happens.  Very few
          players leave Merentha.  Instead our players are harassed by
          the immortals of Shadow to leave Merentha and go there.  They
	o For the next few months each MUD loses players back and forth
          to the other.  Merentha stands by her record though that no
          player has ever left Merentha for ShadowMUD and not returned.
	o Were-wolves added

March, 1999:
	o Shamans added

May, 1999:
	o Everyday we are hitting over 40 people a day.  On the odd day
          we get to 50.  Shadowmud tops out at 30.  

          I remember back when I was a player there.  And for years 
          nothing changed.  Nothing new was added, no bugs were ever
          fixxed.  I remember the unbalance, the cheating of the immortal,
          the lies they told.  And when I spoke out I remember their
          reply, "If you think you can do better, then make a MUD, and if
          it is truely better our players will all leave to yours."

          Showing them up was never a goal, all I wanted to do was make
          the MUD I wanted to play, something I could be proud of.
          Somewhere along the way we became better then them, and for
          months we were equal in playerbase, but by this time it was
          becomming clear we were better.

June, 1999:
	o Several new areas are added in the past few months and the major
          bugs in them quickly cleaned up.  We are now 8000 rooms large,
          not including the ocean and sky.
	o Previous estimates of our size in rooms were about twice as large
          as reality.  This was based on an estimate we made nearly two
          years ago when 500 rooms were added and we estimated that there
          were 1000 new rooms.
	o Player count is down some, somedays we don't even get to 30
          players.  We ignore this and blame summer time.

September, 1999:
	o The long existing bug in pets is finally found, after nearly
          a full year.  They no longer cause lag when recalled.  Horses
          and other such monsters are also fixxed.
        o The player base is back up and we are hitting 40+ players

October, 1999:
        o The Abby of Sages is added.
        o Players are more then ever.  Hitting over 50 every day at
          several times.  Oct 24 hit a record number of players, 60+
          for several hours in a row and repeated it in the following
        o Merentha is currently cloneing 210000 objects a reboot
                                          70000 objects a day
                                           2916 objects an hour
                                             48 objects a minute
          A year ago we were creating only 25% of what we are doing now

November, 1999:
	o We hit 70+ people and are reaching 60+ people almost everyday
          during the first few weeks of November.

November 21, 1999
        o Merentha has now been running for 2 years under Petrarch
        o Average during peek hours, 60+ players
        o Max number of players 71
        o 8,000+ rooms
	o 22 classes
        o 26 races

        Things planned for the comming year:
        o Spells and skills recoded
        o Dragon races
        o Addition of guilds
        o More new areas, possibly new races and classes

Areas added in the past year....

The Abby of the Sages     Coral Islands              Faerie Forest
Ghost Ship                Pirate Ship                Liva
Geruk                     Forgotten Kingdom          Newbie Orc Village

Mudlib additions from the past year....

Ownable horses            An Expanded Ocean          Were-Wolves
Shamans                   CTF                        Kingdom Cities
6 new Quests              Dozens of new deeds        Armour sizes
Materials                 Revised weigth system

It's your adventure
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