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Year 4, Nov. 21, 2001

So here we are again. This year I actully wrote something earlier, but I lost it. Like always I didn't keep track of things added through out the year and so I spent the last 3 days trying to figure out what is new from the last year.

This past year didn't see many new areas, but did contain quite a few interesting mudlib changes, most of which were transparent to players. We now run on a new driver for starters. This newest and most improved version of the MudOS driver saves greatly on memory and makes a few operations quite a bit faster. As well changes to the lib itself have speed up many processes within the game. Today we are using just 10% of the cpu power we were using a year ago thanks to the changes in objects like boards and mana orbs.

A year ago, for the first time in two years, a new immortal was added, Boreas. And then in July Viresse was added as well during the Quest of Hope. There are no plans to create any more administrators in the near future.

We also had quite a few events, the greatest of which was the Quest of Hope. This event was a long time in coming. For years I had wanted to do an event where the immortals were made mortal and only with the help of the players could they gain their immortality back. It was during this event, and with the new no multi-playing rule in effect, that Merentha hit her all time high of 124 players online at once.

July was also the time that the first mortal was added into the Order of Merentha. Heather, one of Merentha's longest players and coders (she created the Xenora Queendom and the Atheria desert) was added to the Order.

Dispite being down for a couple of weeks in January and February we had a pretty good year over all. Outside of the game the website got a new look, and will continue to change for the better. As well the first releases of the Merentha MUDlib came out.

new areas
    Asmar Forest/Caves        Holgresh           Rimaga
    Mjharr                    Tsfaru             Aerioth

new mudlib additions
    new intermud
    new banking system
    12 new guilds
    4 new quests
    added Imladris to Kingdom Cities
    spell and skill revisions

rooms: 16,000
players: 80-100 top each day, 124 max
objects: 2.5 objects/second

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