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Year 5, Nov. 21, 2002

Five years and counting. Here is, once again, how I saw the last year:

Nov 24, 2002: 
         o The City of Jewel - anniversary event

Dec 5, 2002:
         o started with new website design

Dec 25, 2002:
         o Christmas Event - fix santa's toys

Jan 1, 2002:
         o Invasion of Merfolk

Jan 20, 2002:
         o New webste with custom images from Alkie and Desespoir goes 

         o 4 new guilds
         o we are hitting 100+ players nearly everyday
         o 125 max players
         o 5 new bard songs

Feb 14, 2002:
         o OZ and Queen of Tarts events for Valentines

         o for the entire month we hit 100 players or more every day

March 10, 2002:
         o new commands: abilities mine

April 1, 2002:
         o Merfolk Invasion II

         o Satyrs take over the Elf fortress

May 26, 2002:
         o updated website with te remaining race/pics
         o for the first time we started selling t-shirts online with 
           Alkie's images

May 27, 2002:
         o Imperia (1000 rooms) added
         o ship combat, upgrades, schooners added

May 29, 2002:
         o Mon'Kay isle added

July 1-4, 2002: 
         o Satyr/Elf fortress invasion

July 26th-28th, 2002:
         o Quest for Destiny event

Aug 21, 2002:
         o a new record of 128 players on one time

Aug 27, 2002:
         o a new record of 131 players on one time

Sept 16, 2002:
         o a new record of 132 players on one time

Oct 14, 2002:
         o The 3rd Merentha Olympics

Oct 31, 2002:
         o Halloween Event

Nov 13, 2002:
         o a new record of 135 players

Rooms: 18,000
Players: 110-120 top each day, record=135
Objects: 4.02 objects/second

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Images by Alkie and Desespoir