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Merentha Rules

The Rules and Laws of Merentha have been created so that everyone may enjoy themselves within the game. You will find there are not many rules and almost anything goes. Most of the rules focus around cases of harassment in one form or another. Be warned that any of the administration can hand down a punishment for a rule violation and it is at the discretion of the administrator what that punishment will be. Any rule violation can be punished by deleting of all your characters and banishment from the game.

When in doubt the spirit of the rule, not the exact wording of the law will be enforced. There is no such thing as slipping through the cracks or getting of on a technicality here.

  1. The game is played by Players and run by Immortals, or Administrators. Immortals can not, in any way, change the flow of the game. This includes any information about quests, healing, resetting rooms and so on. So don't ask. Asking is a violation of the rules.

  2. The only time you may ask an Immortal for help is if you are stuck in a room with no exits and no room description, or when a monster you are fighting will not die, or any other such bug prevents a normal day in Merentha.

  3. Quests are to remain secret. If you have solved a quest you are not allowed to tell others how to solve it. Several people who have not yet solved a quest may work on it together. Asking for quest info is against the rules. However, if you think you need an item to solve a quest you may ask others where that item may be located.

  4. Spamming is illegal. Spamming is the repeated display of messages to an annoying degree. It can be in the form of tells, shouts, says, emotes or channel lines.

    This includes improper use of the line which exists for the help of newbies. If you are not helping or conversing with a newbie you are not to ever use this line.

  5. Harassment is illegal. Harassment is the 'repeated' targeting of an individual in any way. You may kill any player once for any reason, killing them a second time without a in character reason, or killing many individuals could be seen as harassment. Harassment does not need to be done to or by an individual, but also applies to groups, guilds, kingdoms and other gatherings of groups of people.

  6. Profanities are not allowed. This is a family MUD. Swearing will be sufficiant cause for deletion and banishment. There is leniance shown here in the later hours at night and on higher level channels. Although there could be some young players in Australia at level 60 it is assumed that they are mature enough to handle some profanities. However leniance does not give you a free pass for profanities.

  7. Exploiting bugs, intentional or not is illegal. This includes, but is not limited to bugs which allow easy money, experiance or training of skills. It also includes bugs which can harm another player in any way.

  8. Players are to respect and obey the decisions of the Administration. Players may submit ideas, bugs, typos and praise with the commands: idea bug typo praise Questions should be directed to your class councils before asking immortals.

  9. All players should provide a valid email address with the chfn command. A valid email address will help us help you in case of lost passwords or character ownership issues.

  10. Kill stealing is illegal. This means if someone else is killing a monster you can not join in without their permission. This also means you can not loot the corpse when the monster dies. However, this does not mean you can't kill a wounded monster when there is no one around, nor does it mean you can not loot corpses of either monsters or players that you may come across. These kill stealing rules do not apply to special monsters which have an inflated number of hit points such as the giant squid or the Tsfaru.

  11. You are responsible for your character. Read the following help files so you fully understand: help characters help password help feeding

  12. Scripting is illegal. Triggers are not illegal. Scripting is creating a 'bot' which is basiclly a scripted program which allows you to play while away from the keyboard. Such scripts are illegal. If you are not at the keyboard your character MUST remain idle if you do not disconnect. The only scripts which are allowed are ones which let you traverse great distances with a few keystrokes. Triggers are allowed, AS LONG AS YOU ARE AT THE KEYBOARD. Triggers which allow you to auto-loot corpses when monsters die, or heal others are allowed AS LONG AS YOU ARE AT THE KEYBOARD.

  13. Multi-playing is NOT allowed. You may have as many characters as you wish, however, YOU CAN NOT HAVE MORE THEN ONE ON AT A TIME. Other conditions exist for having multiple characters. Read the help multi-playing for more details.

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