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The Adventures of Redhamster 1
by: Redhamster
Ch.1 -
The Adventures of Redhamster in the Clouds

It was a fairly normal day, for the most part. I had woken up in the square of Cabeiri. As always, people staring at me for sleeping there under the old apple tree next to the fountain. I grabbed all my equipment from my pack and proceeded to put on my rings, while checking that everything else was there. Then, as usual, I checked the message board for any news or events that might be interesting. There wasn't anything really interesting here, so I went to the bar to get some breakfast with the money I had 'attained' the day before.

After a good meal, my throat was parched so I asked for a drink. Well, he didn't have anything non-alcoholic. I was to lazy to walk to the square for a drink from the fountain. I ordered. 5 drinks later, and tipsier than a newbie who has challenged Simoriah to a drinking contest, I walked to the balloon landing to head to Whitestorm.

The balloon keeper gave me a worried look and asked if I'd be alright in my 'condition'. I told him to just let me use the balloon and do his job. He gave me a horrendous scowl to which I just razzed in reply. I then proceeded to trip into the balloon. It took off with me sprawled in the basket. After a few seconds, I got to my feet and looked around. I saw clouds everywhere, which was normal at this height. In my drunken stupor however, I thought it would be a great idea to leap into the clouds and walk around. So I did.

Luckily for me, these particular clouds happened to have substantial footing to them. I looked around a bit and started giggling. Then I deposited the contents of my stomach on the ground and passed out.

Later, unsure of how much time had actually passed, I awoke with a horrible headache, dimly aware of some strange dream of leaping out of a balloon on my way to Whitestorm and landing in some clouds. Then I actually found myself standing in the clouds. Shock is an understatement. This, I had decided, deserved some investigating.

I found that this strange environment was home to a race of gnomes, vaguely shaped like mushrooms. They had the odd ability to turn blue and they laughed alot. There was also a race of elves that lived here, but I left them alone for the most part. After walking a bit, and hopping across scattered clouds here and there, I found myself at the base of a rainbow bridge which led to a castle. Castles equal gold. I ran as fast as possible at the rainbow bridge only to smack face first into an invisible wall of some sort and land on my behind. While sitting there cursing, a cherub happened to notice me and wander over. Now I'm not violent often, but I have my moments. This cherub proceeded to giggle and comment on how cute I was. Mildly annoying. Then he pinched my cheek.....

Moments later I was giggling, commenting on how cute he was. He wasn't going to pinch anyones cheek again. One of those elves I had avoided earlier saw me standing over the cherub. He chased me. Let me tell you something, aside from the rainbow and castle up here, this place was devoid of anything to hide behind. I ran alot. Eventually I got to the edge of these white clouds and saw a group of storm clouds on the horizon. A white dove just sat there, as if a border guard. I thought this peculiar, but I didn't have much time to think with an angry elf hot on my tail. The way I figured it, I could hide under my cloak in the black clouds and finally ditch the elf. I jumped farther then I think I'll ever jump again to make it to those clouds.

To my suprise, when I looked over my shoulder, the elf had stopped on the edge of the white clouds. He turned and walked away. I started laughing at him and calling him names, making a huge ruckus. I happened to attract the attention of a race of gnomes that happened to live here in these black clouds. Like their 'cousins' in the white clouds, they too could change colour. They changed red, and laughed maniacly. I liked these gnomes and this place much better. The feeling was not mutual. The gnomes chased me around, and after numerous little battles with them, I dispatched enough to make the others run off. When I looked around to survey the area, I saw another rainbow bridge, connected to another castle. Well this time I walked towards it slowly, not wanting to run face first into another invisible wall. Sure enough, I was blocked from entrance to this one as well. I took a step back to think over what I was going to do next. No sooner had the gears in my head started turning had I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to face a horrendous creature, to which I had no intention of waiting around to name or talk to. I ran from him the same as I had run from the elf. Only this one threw lighting.

As I neared the border again, I saw a raven, black as night, also seemingly a border guard. I jumped across. I hid myself as best as possible, wanting a way out of this place. However, I couldn't think of a possible way down from such an altitude. Then an idea popped into my head. It was the stupidest idea I had ever had, but it was the only idea had. I ran back to the lifeless cherub and grabbed his detached wings. I then ran to where I had awoken. I was going to jump and try to fly with the use of the cherubs wings. Then it hit me how stupid I was. Then I saw the small army of blue gnomes and elves coming charging toward me. I looked at them, then the ground below, then the wings. No alternatives, I chose to jump. I closed my eyes and started flapping. My decent didn't slow any. I started panicing and flapping faster and faster.....

Amazingly, after a quick jerk, my decent slowed and I seemingly floated to the ground, as if in a balloon. When I got to my feet, I kissed the ground and swore off ale. I turned to see someone getting off a balloon. He seemed to be complaining that the balloonkeeper in Whitestorm had left a rope dangling from his balloon and that part way on his decent back to Cabeiri, he felt a sudden jerk and lost his footing, nearly falling out. Uninterested in his story after my wild adventure, I walked back to the square, then to the board, eager to post my findings. I then walked to the bar and bought some dinner. I then proceeded back to the square for a drink from the fountain, then to relax under the square and off to sleep. It had been an interesting day, but I was exhausted.

Ch.1 -

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