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From the Journal of Voska
by: Voska

Shadowday, 16 Aenterki 41 NM
Lockday, 17 Aenterki 41 NM
Shadowday, 1 Kepki 41 NM
Shadowday, 16 Aenterki 41 NM

The last thing that I remember before awaking in this place was being burned alive by followers of Tal. The Church, one of the most powerful and dominant organizations of my time, had always hated magic and those who wielded it. They fear what they don't understand, and hate what they can't conquer.

My student and I were arrested and tried on charges of using magic. Magic, the natural essence of all living things is a crime to use. Yet the Church, in its unyielding wisdom, uses magic to perform their so-called miracles. In the courtroom where they held the trial, my student was able to create a diversion and escape. My only hope is that whatever world he is in, he is alive and prospering.

For myself, after my sight failed me on the stake amidst the flames of hypocrisy, I awoke here, in a village square. I had only retained some of the most basic of my magic knowledge, and I had but rags for clothes. How I came to be in this world and inhabit this strange Elven body, I do not know. I must find a way back to my world, to avenge my death on the Church and their followers!

But alas, I do not even know if my world still exists, or even what time I am in. For all I know, I could be in my world and yet not be in my world. I could be hundreds, even thousands of years in the past. The more I think about this, the more I believe it to be true. The name of the village I am in, Cabeiri, looks familiar. I believe I have come across it in a few of my readings in my former life. From what I remember, the town was destroyed during a war of the gods and goblins began to raid the town.

The sun is failing, and I must now put down my pen. Let this journal be a testament to my travels and journeys in this world and this time. If I should die, let this journal be a guidepoint for those that follow in my footsteps.


Shadowday, 16 Aenterki 41 NM
Lockday, 17 Aenterki 41 NM
Shadowday, 1 Kepki 41 NM

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