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9 Players Currently Online

The following list represents the players currently playing Merentha. The list is updated once a minute.

Character and real life pictures along with any artwork or banners may be emailed to along with the character names the picture is to go under. If you are sending a real life picture it must be of yourself. You can set and remove your own web links within the game with the chfn command.

Submitted images and web links will also appear under the who page when you are online.

All images submitted become property of Merentha Entertainment and we reserve the right to modify them as needed or use them as we wish within the Merentha web site.

[140] Raptor Ogre-magi Scholar Dark Wisdom Xenora
[140] Kal'daka Drow-elf Bard Pirates Drows
[140] Cap'n Giant Berserker Pirates Hiemelia
[70] Elune Elf Druid

[40] Gasmask Gnome Necromancer

[35] Abmortal Half-ogre Paladin Dark Wisdom
[31] Moose Knuckles Ogre Berserker

[23] Pipen Half-orc Assassin Cabeiri Knights
[20] Phaedrus Elf Sorcerer Cabeiri Knights

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You may submit pictures by emailing them in GIF JPG or BMP format,
or mailing the url (if they are already online) to
You may add your own website online with the chfn command.

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