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The Chronicles of Kevmor the Troll
by: Kevmor

Kevmor, the Making of the Troll Paladin
Kevmor Gets a Job
Kevmor Discovers Elven Women
Kevmor Rises Through the Ranks
Kevmor Finds a Guild
Kevmor Becomes Even More Important
Kevmor Finds Happiness
Kevmor Rises Through the Ranks

When Kevmor first began his military career in the Xenoran Army, he had no clue what was in store for him. His single ambition was to go out and kill things. That and find the great fire elemental and kill it so he could get that coveted corporal position. He wanted a promotion so bad. The Gods heard this and gave a wicked smile as they let the troll have what he wanted and more.

After serving a successful tour in the Second Drow War, Kevmor was sitting around minding his own business (killing things) when he sensed his commanding officer approaching. Kevmor?s reaction went something like this.




Let it be known that Kevmor never startled a warlock ever again.

It was at this point that Kevmor found out his military commander had gone a great transmogrification from Gnome to Ogre-Magi, and had somehow picked up a job as a warlock instead of a druid. The details would probably confuse everyone else so I?ll make it easy.

Let it be known that Flyby was now an Ogre-Magi warlock. There, that wasn?t so hard.

It was at this point that Flyby had an offer that Kevmor couldn?t refuse.

"Kevmor, I need more officers to replace those that were slaugh....that retired after the war, so you?re now a major."

And thus Kevmor became an officer in the Army.

This, of course, made no difference to our humble troll paladin. He just wanted to kill things, evil things if he could swing it, but things nonetheless.

It wasn?t long after this that there was another officer opening in a higher-ranking position. Due to a lack of qualified candidates to fill it, Kevmor was selected to take the test for it. The great Gnoll mercenary Cloud Strife and Lieutenant General in the army came unto Kevmor and spoke with him about this.

"Go conquer Lanerell and we?ll promote you. Now git."

And with a hearty kick in the pants, Kevmor was on his way. After assembling a strike force, Kevmor rode into Lanerell and did what he did best. Or he tried to anyway. Turns out those guards ripped Kevmor a new blowhole, but he still managed to defeat them all with the help of his friends. This, alas, was not to be, for the current owners of Lanerell found out that Xenora had their eyes on the town, and sent the cunning Scapegoat to stop them. After razing his own city to the ground, Scapegoat laughed at the pitiful Xenoran?s attempt to conquer Jewelian territory, and left Kevmor sitting there stunned that he had failed his test. It really didn?t matter though. Cloud Strife came to speak with him about this.

"Out of all the candidates for the Colonel slot, your score was the highest, so you got the job. Your damn lucky you were the only candidate."

And thus Kevmor was promoted to the rank of Colonel.

And wouldn?t you know it, the great Cloud Strife fell ill (a witch turned him into a newt) and was no longer able to handle the duties of his office. Give you three guesses who got picked to fill the slot, and the first two don?t count.

And thus Kevmor was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General.

It was also at this point that Flyby took on new positions within the order of the kingdom and stepped down as the military commander so he could better attend his duties. Once again, Kevmor found his rank going up.

And thus Kevmor was now in charge of the entire Xenoran military.

Quite a long way for a private with no ambitions of leadership to go in such a short time, isn?t it?

Kevmor, the Making of the Troll Paladin
Kevmor Gets a Job
Kevmor Discovers Elven Women
Kevmor Rises Through the Ranks
Kevmor Finds a Guild
Kevmor Becomes Even More Important
Kevmor Finds Happiness

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