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Merentha FAQs

These FAQs are intended to help you get familiar with Merentha. If you have other questions you would like answers to feel free to contact your class council within the game or talk to an administrator when you see them online. You may also send email to However, be aware that the administration are busy people and all queries should be directed to your class councils in the game.

The commands councils will list who is on the council and the command who council will list all council members currently online.

  1. What is Merentha?
  2. Is this a PK Mud?
  3. What is PK?
  4. What does AFK mean?
  5. What is a newbie?
  6. How do I read mail?
  7. Have you seen player X?
  8. Does my race make alot of difference?
  9. What is a class?
  10. What is a subclass?
  11. Are their guilds here?
  12. What is a Kingdom?
  13. How do I join a Kingdom or a Guild?
  14. Do I have to join a Kingdom or Guild?
  15. How do I use armor and weapons?
  16. Are their quests here?
  17. Do I have to do quests?
  18. What are stats and skills?
  19. Can I change my stats and skills?
  20. I have an idea, who do I tell?
  21. Are multiple charaters allowed here?

  1. What is Merentha?
    Merentha is a MUD (Multi-User-Dungeon). It is a site on the internet where users across the world can gather and play an adventure game. Merentha is played in the theme of dragons, elves, heros and kingdoms.

  2. Is this a PKmud?
    No, this mud is equiped for player killing, but it should be used at great caution. We will not take sides, nor will we stop player killing from happening and you are free to attack other players if you wish. However, we do have strong rules against harassment of any sort, and if you found guilty of harassment you will be deleted and banished from ever playing the game again.

  3. What is PK.
    PK is player killing, that is killing another player. It adds a bit more risk and fun to the game if used properly. There are also arenas and capture the flag games which are held, where you can fight other players without the risk of a real game death.

  4. What does AFK mean?
    It means we are lazy people and don't like to type everything out in long form. PK means Player Killing, AFK is away from keyboard. Lots of short terms are used. If you hear one ask a player what it means.

  5. What is a newbie.
    If you ask this question, you are a newbie. Newbies are people new to this game or new to MUDs in general. As a newbie will need help to get started playing this strange new game. You will find many people willing to help you online.

  6. How do I read mail?
    Find a post office, type "mail" and you are off. Also you can 'mail "person"' (ie mail petrarch). This will allow you to send mail to other people. Most people have difficulty using the mail system at first. Take your time and go through it slowly, you will soon learn it.

  7. Have you seen player X?
    If you are looking for a player, type 'finger "player"' (ie finger petrarch). It will tell you when they were last on as well as give you other information about them. If you want to change your personal information in your finger information the command is 'chfn' which is short for 'change finger'.

  8. Does my race make alot of difference?
    Yes. Your race will determine many things, inital stats, eye sight, cost for stat increase, number of finger, ect. Your race also defines what limbs you have. Limbs can be severed so without a right hand you cannot wield a two handed sword. Many types of armor cannot be worn by some races, for example a giant is unableto wear an elven helm because of the size difference. However, there are shops in some cities which will resize items which are either too large or too small for you.

  9. What is a class?
    A class is a general way of being. There are 5 different classes in Merentha. They are: fighters, rogues, mages, monks, clerics. Each of these classes is broken down into sub classes. Each subclass has their own weaknessess and strengths. Certain race/class combinations are better then others for beginners. You can always as the players online which combinations work best, or try some for yourself. You can always make more characters on Merentha.

  10. What is a subclass?
    A subclass is a more specific way of being. For exaple a fighter may chose to be a warrior, a ranger, a berserker, a paladin, or even an anti-paladin. Certain skills are accessable to only some subclasses, while others are common to all the subclasses of the same class.

  11. Are there guilds here?
    Yes there are. There are over a dozen guilds you can currently join with more in the works. A guild is a small collection of people who share simular goals and ideals.

  12. What is a Kingdom?
    A kingdom is a realm coded by a player for them to rule. It is up to each kingdom wether they want to be firends or enemies with other kingdoms. Some Kingdoms are collection of races, for example the Queendoms of the Artrell and the Drow, others are collections of all races like the Kingdoms of Jewel, Hiemelia and Xenora.

  13. How do I join a Kingdom or a Guild?
    You must ask a council member of the Kingdom or Guild you wish to enter and they will add you. Some have guidelines on who they will admit, others do not. Talk to the members of the Kingdoms or Guild you wish to join. They will be able to tell you who you need to talk to.

  14. Do I have to join a Kingdom or Guild?
    No. Joining is completely volentary. Although there are some advantages to joining such as protection from enemies.

  15. How do I use armour and weapons?
    Wear armour and wield weapons. You may also "wear all" to wear everything you are holding. You can also wear armour on only some limbs, for example a pair of pants can be worn as "wear pants on left leg" which you may want to do if you lost your other leg in a battle. Likewise you can "wield sword in right hand" if you want your left hand free for a shield.

  16. Are there quests here?
    Ohhhhh yah, we have lots of quests and mini quest for you to do. Some requests reward you with experience points, skills or stat bonuses. As well at most long weekends and holidays there are special quests or invasions of enemies which are one time quests held for the holidays.

  17. Do I have to do quests?
    No, this mud is here for you to have fun. If you think running around killing things is fun, then you are free to do that. We will not force you to do any quests, but they are here for your enjoyment.

  18. What are stats and skills?
    Skills are a numerical representation of how well you are at certain weapons, attacks, defenses, or how well you are at using these 'skills' such as picking locks, magic, or riding a horse. Stats are numberical representations of your strength, charisma, dexterity, constitution, intelligence and wisdom.

  19. Can I change my stats and skills?
    Yes, one of the first things you should do after chosing a class and subclass is to roll your stats until you find some you are happy with. After that you may spend the exp you have received to improve your stats or skills. Skills are also increased by comstant use of them.

  20. I have an idea who do I tell?
    Your best bet is to post your idea. Bugging immortals by asking them "why this", "why that", will only piss them off. We don't care if something was different on another mud you were at becasue this isn't that mud. But if you have an idea you would like to see here, find a board and post it. You should bring any class specific issues up with your council as well. Each class has an elected council which are there to help you with these things.

  21. Are multiple charaters allowed?
    Yes. You may create as many charaters as you want, but you may not play more then 1 of them at a time.

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